Bird Toon of the Day - November 1, 2017

We start a new month with Speed Bump from November 3, 2014.  Parenting is very difficult, even for birds.

(I'm going to be rushing my way through a lot of the more-generic 'toons in the first ten days of this month, because I have enough Thanksgiving-themed ones in my archive that I will be posting those non-stop from the 12th until the 24th ... and I'll still have some left to do this again next year!)

Bird Toon of the Day - October 31, 2017

This is a rather unique entry to the collection:  xkcd (yes, always lowercase) is an online toon that appears three times a week.  It is geared toward the math and science geeks and rarely has any avian content.  This panel appeared about a two years ago:

Bird Toon of the Day - October 29, 2017

Another Ziggy panel, last published two years ago today (but original dates are hard to pin down; see footnote). 

The Ziggy series has been largely reprints since Tom Wilson's death six years ago; although his son had assumed most of the responsibility as far back as 1987 there seems to have been relatively few new entries since his father passed away, for whatever reason.