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Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
PO Box 697
San Jose, CA  95106
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If you have found a wild bird:
If you have found a wild native bird, do not call us but rather, go to this page and scroll to the bottom for resources throughout California.

If you lost or found a pet bird:
We have a separate Lost and Found Page that gives more information and provides an email address to contact us.

This is a fax service, not a fax machine.  If you're unable to get through on the first try, please try again a bit later!

Request information on a bird:
To see information on all of our birds of a particular type, from the main menu click the See Our Birds tab, and select a species. Want more information about a particular bird? Email us using the webform below and include the bird's type and name. Serious inquiries only, please, so that our volunteers can focus their efforts on finding permanent homes for our rescued birds.

(650) 450-9104
PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE ABOUT AN EMERGENCY.  We do not have a central office with someone to answer the phone in person.  If you need help urgently, send us an email.  We monitor our emails constantly.
If you have a bird with a medical emergency, take the bird to one of the vets on our list:
Avian Veterinarians
Emergency Vets for off-hours
If you still want to leave a voicemailyou may do so and one of our volunteers will contact you when available. Emailing us (below) is the fastest way to get a response.

Email us:
Use the form below to email us. Select a Subject from the dropdown list to direct your email to the correct group of volunteers.

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