Become A Mickaboo Angel

"Give of yourself as the Angels do and wonderful things will come to you."
- Ramadan

Mickaboo currently has over 400 birds in foster care. Our first commitment is to these birds and their ongoing care. Mickaboo's generous supporters (our Angels!), have enabled us to take in over 650 birds since April 2009. These are birds we would not have been able to help without your financial help. 

Why Become an Angel to a Mickaboo Bird?

Unfortunately, many of the birds that come into Mickaboo's care have been injured, abused, or neglected, or are very ill.  As a result, they need medical attention, behavioral training and extra love and nurturing before we can place them in adoptive homes. These birds are often considered unadoptable at shelters and by society in general. We believe that every bird deserves a second chance. We allow each and every one of our birds as much time as they need to find that special adopter who is willing to care for them. As Mickaboo has grown, and we have taken in more birds, our monthly vet bills have increased significantly, averaging $30,000 per month.
We understand that not everyone can foster or adopt a Mickaboo bird, but would still like to help. Becoming an Angel to a bird in need is the perfect way to do that!  You can help us take in birds from shelters or from private surrenderers who are in a financial crisis. Your donations to Mickaboo can be directed to care for a particular bird or birds, to help defray the cost of their sometimes astronomical vet bills while they wait for forever homes.

Angel Species

When you become a Mickaboo Angel, you are helping us fulfill our commitment to keeping our doors open to ill, injured, abused, neglected and unwanted companion birds in Northern California and beyond.  We invite you to become the species of Mickaboo Angel that suits you best

  • Angel: Our goal is to have an "endowment" of at least $200 before taking in a new bird. This will help us ensure that we always have sufficient funds to provide basic medical care for the birds already in our care, as well as for new birds we take in. As an Angel you will receive recognition on our website. If a bird is adopted without using your Angel money we will shift the money to the next needy bird and let you know which additional bird you have helped.
  • Archangel: Archangels commit to covering the full vet costs required for a new bird to be healthy enough to adopt. As an Archangel you will receive recognition on our website and regular email updates on his/her progress.  

Every Bird Gets An Equal Chance

That's the underlying principle of Mickaboo. Once a bird is in our care, we provide all the medical care s/he requires.  We do not "triage" birds or spend more money on large species than small. We only euthanize a bird when s/he is suffering without the possibility of recovery. We provide hospice care for terminally ill birds who are not suffering. Since we do not have paid employees, you can be sure that your donation goes directly to the birds. Donations are 100% tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed to all donors.

How To Sponsor a Bird

You may donate online via Network for Good or PayPal. If you prefer to mail a check or money order you may mail it to: P.O. Box 697, San Jose, CA 95106-0697. Please specify that you want your donation to be an Angel donation, which bird you would like to sponsor and how you would like to be acknowledged on the website: full name, first name only, first name and last initial, etc. If you do not want to specify a particular bird to support, you may also ask us to pick one for you. You may also have the Angel donation be in honor of someone (human or pet). Please email if you have questions.

Birds Waiting for an Angel

Green Cheek Conure
More information coming soon!
More information coming soon!



Doc was found in Pinole in someone's yard, starving and dehydrated. He was picked up and taken to ER in San Francisco... More information coming soon!

Nanday Conure

Bopper had a rough first 20 something years before coming to Mickaboo. He had just one perch too large for his little feet in too small a cage without any enrichment, toys or out time. Through all that he craved attention and has become quite the snuggler. His health however has suffered. And as a result he now lives in modified cage made to be a playground for his mobility level.

Bopper has gout and arthritis in his feet, knees, and hips; his right foot is particularly bad. He has delayed gastric empyting, his lower gi tract is not normal looking and swollen on x-rays; it looks like guinea pig poop. They are supposed to be much smaller than what it is. The sheath covering his kidneys and testicles is riddled with gout crystals making things very painful. His spine is fused in several places and is arthritic. As we take steps to help heal what has unfortunately been a long time in the making, he is responding wonderfully with a new lease on life.


Diagnostics performed on Izzy during her veterinarian stay included blood tests, fluoroscopy, and radiography. None of these provided any evidence that she was currently carrying an egg or prone to laying eggs. However, the x-rays clearly showed another problem.
Based on all of this, Izzy’s current diagnosis is that she ate too much grit, and ate it too fast for her digestive system to dissolve it. The excess rocks and sand in her digestive tract caused distress and straining, which caused her hernia.
Izzy may still need surgery but is being monitored closely in the interim. Please consider being Izzy's Angel.



I’m Goldie, a blue and gold macaw about 29 years young. When I recently came to Mickaboo, everyone found out I had been hiding a terrible sinus infection with a “superbug” (a drug-resistant bacteria). My amazing avian veterinarian launched a major assault of various medicines and daily nasal flushes (I HATED that part).  I’m back in my foster home now, and feeling better, thank you. But I racked up a big ol’ bill, and I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak.  I’m a wonderful girl, and I hope you can be my Angel, so that I can live to find a forever family.

Angels for Goldie:
Morgane Suel

When you look at this picture, you see a clean, white, happy Umbrella Cockatoo. But only a short time ago, I was a filthy gray bird, living in an East Bay tire shop, with my insides hanging out -- literally.  I had what they call a “prolapse” of my lower intestinal area. I was in a lot of pain, and would not live much longer.  An animal control agency rescued me and Mickaboo sent me to one of the nation’s finest avian vets.  The doctors are still working on my derriere problem. I am going through a major repair surgery soon.  I’m Willie. Will you help me live?  I will make a perfect companion for my forever family when I am well.


Bernie was surrendered due to changes in his family. His tiny cage and toys were filthy and full of bug debris and his perches were sand paper types. His food was grocery store seed mix, cuttlebone, and grit.

His exact age is unknown but is most likely elderly. Bernie's past life is somewhat of a mystery but he hasn't had proper vet care as is evidenced by his inability to walk or perch well. When Mickaboo took him to a vet for an examination, the Dr said that Bernie could be in a lot of pain in his left knee from severe arthritis. He is now on anti-inflammatory oral meds 2x a day and needs a recheck to see if it can be reduced. He is kept in a comfortable tub with no perches above the ground. He still drags his left leg and prefers to stand still. He is not tame and is toweled for his meds. Please consider helping little Bernie on his road to a better life!

Angels for Bernie
Noah Mariano (in memory of)


Greetings from Jimmy, the shoe wearing Cockatoo! You might think I'm getting my feet wrapped to keep them warm but that is not the case here. I had an amputation on one leg many years ago so my other foot is having to
deal with all the big bird weight all the time. We larger birds don't do well with foot problems. Often the skin gets worn and breaks open which was my problem too. The Vet made custom shoes for me to protect me from infection. I also had surgery to close up an open area where the bone was sticking out.

My ongoing vet care is pricey and I would greatly appreciate you helping me out some financially. In return I promise to be a good boy who won't chew his shoes off. Do we have a deal?

Angels for Jimmy
Dr. Philippe T. Nguyen


Jack was hospitalized for a week with an unknown stomach ailment which made him not be able to process his food properly and caused a lot of regurgitation. He may need surgery to determine the cause of his problems.

Please help Jack by becoming an angel so he can get this issue resolved.

Angels for Jack
Susan Schnur


More info coming soon.

Angels for Bashful
Rhonda L. Bennon

When Peachy's owner went into the hospital, his care was placed in the hands of busy family members that only fed him junk food. During his first checkup, the vet concluded that Peachy had been grossly overweight for a long time but had recently lost a lot of weight quickly. This caused some hardening of arteries and fat pockets through his body but brwast muscle is non-existent. He was also estimated to be middle-aged.
When first brought home, Peachy needed to be in a hospital cage for a few weeks and was very depressed.  But after a few days he started making noises and bowing for attention. When offered a hand, he stepped right up! He held on and flapped his wings for about 15 minutes. A few days after that he allowed his head to be scratched. So much progress has already been made with Peachy, we are excited to see him continue on his journey to a better life.


Angels for Peachy
Rhonda L. Bennon


Bert is a very lucky little budgie. He arrived at a local animal shelter with a large growth near his eye that was obscuring his vision. Luckily, the shelter called Mickaboo and he was taken to the vet immediately. After a minor surgery and quick recovery, Bert is able to see clearly. He chirps a lot when he hears other budgies, and he loves toys he can shred and destroy.


UPDATE Oct 30th 2015: Charlie is currently in the hospital. The vet found a growth in his abdomen. Surgery on his air sacs will have to wait until the growth is evaluated and treated. Please consider making a donation to help Charlie out!

Charlie came from an empty home. His guardian passed away a month earlier and someone had been feeding him every day. He had been eating only sunflower seeds for 25 years. People started to break into the home. When the police arrived, they realized that the bird needed to move to a safe home. One of the officers called Mickaboo. Charlie was picked up right away and put in a foster home.

Charlie is so cute with his big amazon eyes that look up at you very sweetly. Despite his size, he is able to climb around his cage. He is afraid of hands but he steps up and allows head scratches when approached slowly. He loves to climb up your arm. Charlie talks very appropriately. He has said “Go away, go right now!” and calls for “Don”. He is eating a healthy diet of pellets and vegetables.

Now Charlie looks a lot bigger than he is. He has air sacs under his skin that are not releasing air like they are supposed to. This can be caused by trauma. A thorough veterinary work up was done. There aren’t any underlying causes for the air sacs other than trauma. The air sacs were drained but they filled back up. The next step in treatment might place a stent between the air sacs so the air has a way to be released internally. We will know in the next few weeks.

Angels for Charlie
John & Trudy Landgrebe
Rhonda L. Bennon

Louie is a young Blue Fronted lady of 15. When she first started experiencing breathing problems in 2014, her guardian contacted Mickaboo and began treatment with a local veterinarian. However, after several months, Louie was still uncomfortable. At this point, she was crying all night and her appetite was decreasing. In desperation, Louie’s guardian drove to Medical Center for Birds and surrendered Louie to the veterinarians. Louie was put on oxygen while the vets assessed her condition. She was swinging her head and stretching her neck frequently. Initial imaging suggested that there was something blocking half of Louie’s airflow at the base of her pharynx. More imaging over a two week period ruled out a tumor in the respiratory system. Instead, large finger-like growths in the esophagus were interfering with Louie’s food intake. Biopsies from the growths show that they were inflammation rather than cancer or an infection. The inflammation suggested a vitamin A deficiency was creating growths inside Louie’s digestive system. The frantic stretching and head movements helped Louie move food down her esophagus. As Louie was given a vitamin A injection and various medications, she became more comfortable. Her movements became less frantic. She is now in a Mickaboo foster home where she is talking and eating well. Louie has a cute woman’s voice when she laughs and talks. She is very quiet for an amazon. She says ‘hello’ and other words when she thinks no one is listening. It has been difficult for Louie moving to a new environment as she was bonded with another amazon in her previous home. Louie’s former guardian misses her very much and feels grateful that Louie is getting the care she needs.

Prince Raja

Prince Raja has been with Mickaboo for a long time. He has a broken wing that is bent at a 90 degree angle and his eye is damaged on the same side. Mickaboo was told that he was hit by a car but it looks like he was hit with a 2 x 4 piece of wood. His behaviors are very challenging and when he doesn’t trust you, he is fierce.  When he first entered into foster care, it was difficult to get food in his cage without being attacked. He didn’t want anyone near him. 

He was taken to the veterinary office for a check-up and because he had painful arthritis. When the results from the radiographs came back, it was discovered that he had 5 old broken bones. The bones had never been reset and healed out of place, causing pain every time he moved. It explained his behaviors and once he was allowed to move at his own pace he settled down.

Prince Raja will always needs medication for his pain. He has learned to open his cage and explore his environment. It is a big change from the distrustful bird to one who feels like he can go out in the world on his own terms.


Dylan was left at a foreclosed house and then abandoned at a pet shop. He has a neurological problem that affects his balance that limits his ability to control the movements of his head.  He has been hospitalized while veterinarians try to determine the cause and treatment of this problem. His extreme fear of humans complicates diagnosing him. He is so afraid of people that he loses his balance. We are working to give Dylan the best chance for a better life where he will never be neglected again.

Angels for Dylan
Shari Stoddard
Rhonda L. Bennon


Cherry Headed Conure
A Telegraph Hill Conure... more info coming soon!

Cherry Headed Conure
Bartlett was found on the street, wobbly and sick. He's been going through physycal therapy which will help him learn to climb perches. He's also learning clicker training!

Rose Breasted Cocktoo

Chacco was surrendered with an injured wing and keel bone. He was taken to our vet and put in a collar and bandaged up and given meds for pain control. He is a very sweet gentle bird. Sadly his wing had to be amputated but he has recovered and is healing well.

Angels for Chacco
Louisa Jaskulski
Christine Neumeier
Rhonda L. Bennon
Wendy Gonzales
Christopher Norberg
Cindy Goral
Kathleen Taylor

Yellow-Headed Amazon

Brutus is a 38 year old amazon surrendered to Mickaboo because of behavior issues. He did not receive regular veterinary care and was not fed a healthy diet. Brutus had an untreated broken wing that did not heal properly and as a result he can no longer fly. He developed severe arthritis in his right leg because of chronic leaning to compensate for his bad wing posture. He is being treated with medication twice a day. The medication is expensive and requires regular visits to the vet to ensure the pain medication isn’t affecting his kidney function. Brutus is a great bird and is gradually learning to enjoy a healthier diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, and pellets. Would you consider being Brutus's Angel?

Angels for Brutus
Rhonda L. Bennon
Erin Mahanay
Colleen and Jon Schulman

African Grey

Zuri was surrendered to a shelter when her owner could no longer care for her. She suffered from seizures and had an orthopedic problem with her feet. The shelter called Mickaboo and a volunteer picked her up and took her straight to an avian vet. Zuri remains hospitalized and is on medication to control her seizures. She will most likely need medication for the rest of her life. She steps up for everyone, although she does not perch very well due to the foot problems. Zuri is a very sweet bird and loves to toddle around on the floor, get scritches, and hang out with her people. Won’t you please consider sending an angel donation to help with Zuri’s medical bills?

Angels for Zuri
David Maloney
Rhonda L. Bennon
Shari Stoddard
Milagros Green

Half-English Budgie
Hector and his sweet wife Andi were abandoned in an empty house before being surrendered to Mickaboo. Hector has fought hard to overcome health problems caused by neglect: he was very overweight with poor muscle tone, he has a narrowed breathing passage and is prone to respiratory infections, and has damage to the bottoms of his feet. After lots of care - antibiotics, a healthy diet, lots of exercise, and soft rope perches and platforms - he is able to fly, sing, and enjoy life with his beloved Andi again! But now, he's been diagnosed with a malignant tumor on his side. Although it was highly operable and he has an excellent chance of full recovery, he needs help to cover the costs of that expert care, and any future illnesses. Won't you please consider sending an Angel donation to help with Hector's medical expenses?

Green Cheek Conure
A Mickaboo volunteer picked up a badly injured green cheek conure from a local shelter. "Pistachio" had his/her upper beak torn off.  He also has skull injuries, a broken leg, and a broken jaw. This situation occurs often enough that the vet recognized the injuries. This little conure was allowed to interact with a much larger bird, who tore off the upper beak.
Pistachio is now resting comfortably - s/he even likes to be skritched and can eat a little applesauce. Because we know that a bird can achieve a decent quality of life even without an upper beak, Mickaboo will try to save this conure. S/he will need substantial veterinary care and a long recovery period. If you would like to help, please consider being his Angel.


Angels for Pistachio
Rhonda L. Bennon
Dr. Philippe Nguyen
David Lee and Heather

More updates on Pistachio coming soon...

Jasmine (formerly Merlin)
Blue and Gold Macaw

Jasmine is an older lady macaw of at least 35 years. Her former owner became elderly and was unable to take care of her so we brought her in. Jasmine has several health issues and requires several surgeries. She has had two procedures already and may need to have surgery for her wing. She is doing well on several medications. However she did test positive for Papilloma, an incurable and highly infectious disease.

Angels for Jasmine
Shari Stoddard