Become A Mickaboo Angel

"Give of yourself as the Angels do and wonderful things will come to you."        - Ramadan  

Mickaboo currently has over 400 birds in foster care. Our first commitment is to these birds and their ongoing care.  For this reason, we need to use our regular donations to maintain a cash reserve for them. Thanks to Mickaboo's generous supporters, the Angel program has been a huge success. Our Angels have enabled us to take in over 650 birds since April 2009. These are birds we would not have been able to help without your generous donations. 

Why Become an Angel to a Mickaboo Bird?

Unfortunately, many of the birds that come into Mickaboo's care have been injured, abused, neglected or are very ill.  As a result, they need medical attention, behavioral training and extra love and nurturing before we can place them in adoptive homes. These birds are often times considered unadoptable at shelters and by society in general. We believe that every bird deserves a second chance. We allow each and every one of our birds as much time as they need to find that special adopter who is willing to care for them. As Mickaboo has grown, and we have taken in more birds, our monthly vet bills have increased significantly, averaging $20,000 per month.
We understand that not everyone can foster or adopt a Mickaboo bird, but would still like to help. Becoming an Angel to a bird in need is the perfect way to do that!  You can help us take in birds from shelters or from private surrenderers who are in a financial crisis. Your donations to Mickaboo can be directed to care for a particular bird or birds, to help defray the cost of their sometimes astronomical vet bills while they wait for forever homes.

Angel Species

When you become a Mickaboo Angel, you are helping us fulfill our commitment to keeping our doors open to ill, injured, abused, neglected and unwanted companion birds in Northern California and beyond.  We invite you to become the species of Mickaboo Angel that suits you best!

  • Angel: Our goal is to have an "endowment" of at least $200 before taking in a new bird. This will help us ensure that we always have sufficient funds to provide basic medical care for the birds already in our care, as well as for new birds we take in. As an Angel you will receive recognition on our website. If a bird is adopted without using your Angel money for vet bills we will shift the money to the next needy bird and let you know which additional bird you have helped us bring in.
  • Archangel: Archangels commit to covering the full vet costs required for a new bird to be healthy enough to adopt. As an Archangel you will receive recognition on our website and regular email updates on his/her progress.  

Thank you for your interest in our Angel sponsorship program. To donate via the website go to the Mickaboo home page select Network for Good or click on Donate (Paypal). If you prefer to mail a check or money order you can mail it to: P.O. Box 697, San Jose, CA 95106-0697. Please specify that you want your donation to be an Angel donation and which bird you would like to sponsor and how you would like to be acknowledged on the website: Full name, first name only, first name and last initial etc.., If you do not want to specify a particular bird to support, you can also request that your angel donation be used for the bird most in need - we'll let you know which bird we chose. You can also have the Angel donation be in honor or memory of someone (human or pet.) Please email if you have additional questions.

Every Bird Gets An Equal Chance

That's the underlying principle of Mickaboo. Once a bird is in our care, we provide all the medical care s/he requires.  We do not "triage" birds or spend more money on large species than small. We only euthanize a bird when s/he is suffering without the possibility of recovery. We provide hospice care for terminally ill birds who are not suffering. Since we do not have paid employees, you can be sure that your donation goes directly to the birds. Donations are 100% tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed to all donors.

Birds Waiting to be Matched with an Angel


Name and Species of Bird

Current Situation Picture
9/11/14 Bartlett, Cherry headed Conure A Telegraph Hill Conure
9/13/14 Dewalt, Cherry headed Conure  
8/13/14 Brutus, Yellow-headed Amazon

Brutus is a 38 year old amazon surrendered to Mickaboo because of behavior issues. He did not receive regular veterinary care and was not fed a healthy diet. Brutus had an untreated broken wing that did not heal properly and as a result he can no longer fly. He developed severe arthritis in his right leg because of chronic leaning to compensate for his bad wing posture. He is being treated with medication twice a day. The medication is expensive and requires regular visits to the vet to ensure the pain medication isn’t affecting his kidney function. Brutus is a great bird and is gradually learning to enjoy a healthier diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, and pellets. Would you consider being Brutus's Angel?

Angels for Brutus:   

Thank you Erin Mahanay!

Thank you Colleen and Jon Schulman!