Small Birds

Ailsa - Lutino Cockatiel

Alfalfa M (Aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Amber (bonded with Jasper) - Lutino Cockatiel

April F (Aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Austin - Normal Grey No Photo

Azula F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Bailey - Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

Bart & Lisa - Finch No Photo

Basil - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Bebe - Pearl No Photo

Bell M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Benji and Laila - Whiteface Cockatiel

Bennet - Normal Grey No Photo

Bernie2 - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Bishop (bonded with Tommy) - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Bitty & Phillip - Finch No Photo

Blaze and Buttercup - Finch Finch/Canary

Bo & Luke & Duke - Finch No Photo

Brad - Lutino-Pied Cockatiel

Brian - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Buster - Lutino-Pied Cockatiel

Cadet M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie No Photo

Caitlin - Lutino Cockatiel

Cajun - Pied Cockatiel

Caleb - Lutino Cockatiel

Cammy (Chamomile) - Peach Faced Lovebird

Caradoc - Canary Finch/Canary

Celeste F (& Celine) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Celine F (& Celeste) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Charming Charlie - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Chiquita - Lutino Cockatiel

Christmas (was Petrie) - Normal Grey No Photo

Cinnamon (bonded to Spice) - Cinnamon Cockatiel

Clayton - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Collie M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie No Photo

Comet and Bell - Dutch Blue Lovebird

Cookie - Lutino No Photo

Cosmo and Wanda - Dutch Blue Lovebird

Curtis - Canary Finch/Canary

Dagwood and Goldie - Peach Faced Lovebird

Damon - Normal Grey No Photo

Dandy M - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Danger Bird - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Danny - Pied Cockatiel

Deacon - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Delilah - Whiteface Cockatiel

Dexter - Pied Cockatiel

Diamond - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Dominic - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Dylan - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Eagle, Mildred, Coffee, Mocha and George - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Edie + Oscar Wilde + Ringo - Pearl Cockatiel

Elizabeth F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Elsie F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Elvis - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Elvis M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Ember - Silver Whiteface Cockatiel

Emerson F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Fabiana - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Falcon (and Snowman) - Lutino Cockatiel

Felix M - Standard Budgie No Photo

Fergus (was Peanut) - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Forrest the Widower - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Fuzzball - Pied Cockatiel

Ginger and Tweety - Masked Lovebird

Ginger F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Glenn M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Hayden M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Heather (and Skittles) - Lutino Cockatiel

Icelyn - Peach Faced Lovebird

Ireland M (Aviary bird) - Standard Budgie No Photo

Jackie F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Jada F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Jamie M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Jasper (bonded with Amber) - Pied Cockatiel

Jenny - Lutino No Photo

Jerry - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Jingle and Squeak - Peach Faced Lovebird

Jordan - Normal Grey No Photo

Josephine & Leo - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Kaden M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Kai - Lutino Cockatiel

Kimmie - Lutino No Photo

Kobe - Normal Grey No Photo

Kristoff - Whiteface Cockatiel

Lemongrass F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Liam - Lutino No Photo

Lily - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Liza - Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

Logan (was Fergus) - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Lorine - Normal Grey No Photo

Lucia and Luigi - Normal Grey No Photo

Luna & Albus - Pearl Cockatiel

Lynn - Cinnamon Cockatiel

Maia - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Mango - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Manu and Tori - Unclassified Lovebird

Marco - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Marshal (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Martha - Lutino Cockatiel

Marvin - Lutino Cockatiel

Mikado F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Miss Birdie - Lutino Cockatiel

Mojo and Orchid - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Molly - Canary Finch/Canary

Monroe F (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Montana (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Mr. Happy & Mr. Chewy - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Nick - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Nick W. - Normal Grey No Photo

Noah - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Ollie M - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Otis and Daphne - Lutino Cockatiel

Padma - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Patrick and Jenny - Peach Faced Lovebird

Penny - Pied No Photo

Piper - Lutino No Photo

Piper (Peepers) - Peach Faced Lovebird

Poppy - Peach Faced Lovebird

Poppy - Pied Cockatiel

Porter and Piper - Pied Cockatiel

Porthos - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Princess Peach and Lulu Lemon - Dutch Blue Lovebird

Puffin - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Ranger M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Robbie - Pied Cockatiel

Rowan - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Rudy W. - Lutino No Photo

Rupert (Super Duper) - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Saffron - Pied Cockatiel

Sampson - Pied Cockatiel

Scarface - Pied Cockatiel

Serendipity - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Shamus and Maggie - Lutino Cockatiel

Shiloh M (Aviary bird) - Standard Budgie No Photo

Sienna - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Sierra - Cinnamon Cockatiel

Silas F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Skeeter - Pied Cockatiel

Skittles (and Heather) - Pied Cockatiel

Snowflake F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Snowman (and Falcon) - Whiteface Cockatiel

Spice (bonded to Cinnamon) - Pied Cockatiel

Spot - Standard Budgie No Photo

Taylor - Lutino Cockatiel

Tennessee M (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Tiny Tim - Pied Cockatiel

Tommy (bonded with Bishop) - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Trinidad and Tobago - Finch No Photo

Turbo - Normal Grey Cockatiel

Virginia F (aviary bird) - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Webber - Silver Whiteface Cockatiel

Winter - Peach Faced Lovebird

Wyatt - Pied Cockatiel

Xerxes - Cinnamon Cockatiel

ZuZu (formerly Zeus) - Pied Cockatiel