Recovering Someone's Lost Bird

If you find a bird in a tree in your back yard, definitely try to capture it. 

Simple Techniques

First try some simple techniques. If these do not work, then move on to more extreme measures.

Put out a cage with food

Set out a cage wtih some seed treats, millet spray, nuts, seeds, and so on.

Talk to the bird

Some birds are tamer than others, so if you talk to them, they may respond.

Attract the bird with a similar bird
  • If you have a friend or neighbor who has the same kind of bird as the "lost" one, ask if they can bring itover (in a very safe and secure cage!!) and set itoutside (only while you are watching from a window).
  • Set the empty cage next to this one with treats inside and a bird mirror. See if the lost bird will go into it to be close to his friends.
  • If you can't find a real bird to draw him in, use a tape recording of one (most pet stores would be able to provide that for you if you give them a tape recorder).

More Extreme Measures

Only if the previous attempts don't work, and the bird appears weak, ill, or in danger of being attacked by cats or other predators, then resort to more extreme measures.

Try netting

You can try "netting" the bird. To do this, get a large net and try catching the bird off guard. The main problem with this approach is that, if you miss you may never see the bird again, since he will likely become fearful after that.

Try a ladder

Finally, if he seems somewhat unscared of humans but is too high to reach with your hands, you could try a ladder.

Try hosing

You can try squirting him with water.The best way is to get a few friends or neighbors to help.

  1. They would stand under where the bird is perched with a large tarp to "catch" the falling bird.
  2. Then, someone else uses a hose to spray the bird; however, the spray must be strong enough to get the bird wet quickly so that he won't be able to fly. This must be done very carefully as it can result in death if you aren't extremely careful.

Request Help

Ask for professional help

You can ask for help from the following:

  1. Call the fire department (some will come out and help, some won't).
  2. Ask anyone who might know someone with a "cherry picker."  Gas or electric company workers also have cherry pickers. If you could get someone to come over with one of those, you might be able to get close enough to the bird to get him to step up.
Get the word out

Always call your local humane society and post flyers if possible alerting people that the bird is in your yard. If you can find the owner, they are much more likely to get the bird to come to them.