Pellet Types and Brands

Types of Pellets

Some pellet manufacturers use the compressed method and some use the expanded method to make the pellets.  A few do not contain any of some or any of the following ingredients.
  • soy
  • ​peanuts
  • wheat
  • spirulina

Pellet Brands

Most pellets we recommend below are available from one of our retail sponsors, some of which donate a portion of your sale to Mickaboo. 

Harrison's Bird Food (HBD) makes USDA organic, high-quality, organic, compressed pellets, fortifed, human-grade, no preservatives, no colorings.

Lafeber makes high-quality, compressed premium pellets.

Roudybush makes high-quality, fortified, compressed pellets with no preservatives, no colorings, not organic or human grade. They now use an all natural preservative in their Low-fat Maintenance, Maintenance, Breeder and High-energy Breeder pellets.

Totally Organic Pellets (TOP) sells companion parrot food made with all organic ingredients. These pellets are compressed and contain no soy, no peanuts, no wheat, and no spirulina. They are human-grade, with no preservatives, no colorings, non-GMO.

ZuPreem makes high-quality, expanded, premium pellets. Zupreem Natural pellets are fortified, and have neither preservatives nor coloring.

Other Types of Bird Food

BirDelicious! Poicephalus is a 100% human-grade, organic bird food mix that contains no corn, no wheat, no soy, no peanuts.

Lafeber makes a variety of bird foods.

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