Emergency Care

Until you can get the bird to the vet, put it in a hospital cage.  This has saved many lives.  To make a hospital cage:

Avian Veterinarians

See also our list of emergency veterinary hospitals.

Emergency Veterinarians

See regular vets for our list of non-emergency vets.  See also emergency care.

Visually Sexing a Cockatiel

This is an early 





Symptoms of Illness

It can be hard to tell if a bird is ill. Being prey animals, rather than predators like most of our familiar pets, they hide their illness so a predator doesn't target them as easy game.


As a bird rescue organization, we are painfully aware of the huge overpopulation problem we are currently facing with the smaller birds (Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Budgies, Finches, etc.) So, we do our best to encourage would-be breeders to reconsider their decision to breed

Discouraging Egg-Laying

Managing Hormones

Bird Seizures: What To Do

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