Family Changes, Rehoming, Rescues

Rescue Myths

Common misconceptions about rescue groups

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue is so desperate to find homes for their birds that they should just give people whatever bird they want so they can help more birds.

Starting a Non-Profit Bird Rescue

Q. How can I start my own nonprofit bird rescue organization?

Other Bird Rescue Organizations

  • B2L House in San Antonio, TX, specializes in companion birds requiring expert medical and mental care.

Moving with Your Bird

Pet Passport

You can obtain a "pet passport" from US Fish and Wildlife for personally owned pets. These take a while to obtain, but having one should avoid problems bringing pets back into the country.  

Birds and New Babies

Try not to listen to all of the negativity out there about raising babies and birds. It is possible to do both and have both be happy and well adjusted. The most important thing for you to plan on doing is to set some time aside daily for your bird.

Finding Your Bird a New Home