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The Making of Mickaboo’s Virtual Adoption Fair

By Pamela A. Lee

How do you do a bird adoption fair when everyone is sheltering in place?
Adoption fairs are one of the more effective ways Mickaboo has to rehome our rescued birds. Past adoption fairs featured large gatherings of foster parents and other volunteers mingling with potential adopters and others interested in the colorful, unusual feathered creatures. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Louisa Jaskulski

By Shauna Hill

In this article I would like to introduce you to one of our volunteers who is also a veterinary nurse, Louisa Jaskulski. She continues to share her clinical expertise with us even though she moved from California. We greatly benefit. as do our birds. from having volunteers like Louisa who share their knowledge. Mickaboo is a group that depends on our collective experience and knowledge to help all of us take good care of our feathered friends. Enjoy getting to know our dear Louisa a little better. View PDF in a new window

A Rescue Story: Charlie the Amazon

By Delayna Jane Myers

Charlie, a Yellow Crown Amazon, first came to Mickaboo through unfortunate circumstances. His guardian had passed away and he was living in an empty house with only a visitor to feed him every day. His diet had consisted of sunflower seeds for 25 years. When he was finally saved (thanks to a kind police officer) it was obvious he needed medical care for enlarged air sacs that had not been deflating properly on their own. The poor guy was a wreck after many years of neglect. View PDF in a new window

We’re Not Alone! Understanding the New Parrots Conservation Alliance - Working Together for Parrots Across the US and Beyond

By Sarah Lemarie

“Parrots in the wild are in grave danger, and they need our best efforts immediately…. The Parrot Conservation Alliance will not only help sanctuaries and rescues collaborate as they address the root causes of the overwhelming crisis of unwanted non-releasable parrots (former pets), and provide needed sanctuary, but also enable these organizations as never before to come together to support key conservation efforts for wild parrots.” - Patty Finch, Parrot Conservation Alliance Coordinator and former Executive Director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

By the Editor

Hello! My name is Major and I`m a very nice (and handsome I`m told) Military Macaw just looking for that special someone or family to call my very own. I`m a pretty chill guy who really just enjoys just hanging out with you.  Read More...