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Potential Pigeon Pets

By Elizabeth Young, Founding Director of MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue


1Domestic pigeons are unreleasable to the wild and face euthanasia in animal shelters. But pigeons make fantastic pets! MickaCoo placed 333 with adopters in 2011 alone. Pigeons can live inside or outdoors (year-round). They are gentle, quiet and smart. They have great interpersonal skills and are very social with and loyal to their closest friends.

MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue has a wide variety of birds in need of homes (usually around 80) and we work closely with each potential adopter to identify just the right match for all involved. Here is a small sampling of the potential pigeon pets available for your consideration.


Olivia is a lovely one-year-old, tame king pigeon hen who is more comfortable with people than with birds. She’s very sweet and expressive and would love to spend her time with a special person. Single pigeons do best if their person is retired, works from home or can take them  to work. Pigeons are calm and easy going, can wear pants (includes diaper plus harness) and are incredibly charming companions.


Pearl & Leo are a bonded pair. Leo is a homing pigeon that got lost and was lucky enough to wind up in a city shelter.  

Pearl is a king pigeon (raised for squab and rescued from a shelter) with a neck-twisting neurological disorder called torticollis.  She is an incredibly good sport and never complains and Leo is very patient with her disability. While Pearl’s neck-twist is only present about 30% of the time, it makes her vulnerable to bullying in a flock. She and Leo would be very happy to live either inside or outdoors in a nice little home for two. These two are very funny and romantic characters who make their foster mom laugh every day.


Robbie & Stanley and Lulu & Ed are mated pairs of West of England Tumblers.

They are gentle and fancily feathered little birds that get along well together in their small foster aviary at Andy’s (100%) Rescue Pet Shop who need a forever home. They would do great in an outside aviary or sharing a sunroom indoors.

MickaCoo has several gorgeous flocks of rescued pigeons in need of a life-saving aviary home. One flock of six king pigeons is in particularly urgent need of adoption as their foster aviary is closing down. It isn’t hard (nor expensive) to create a beautiful, safe and very charming aviary for these lovely birds. No heat or electricity is required and it is well within the abilities of the average Do It Yourselfer. And MickaCoo will help! We will help you design and sometimes even build it. (Volunteers often join in to help on building day.) Adopters love their aviaries and rave about how much pleasure they get for so little effort. If you or somebody you know would enjoy having a life-saving and gorgeous backyard aviary, please contact Elizabeth at for more information.


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