"Unusual Behavior" Contest Winners

Your Bird Does WHAT?

by Pamela Lee

Sheree Peterson says:
Our foster blue-fronted Amazon Santiago (aka Hector) loves his chew toys and bells.  He likes to disconnect the clapper from inside the bells after sleeping under the bell like a helmet, as in Bell Helmets. He loves listening to the ringing of the bells as you can see from the photo. He'll ring, listen, and ring some more. 



Desiree Pries says:
Our 5-year-old talking Senegal parrot wakes up every morning and greets us with a very clear, very meaningful "good morning!" He ONLY says this in the morning, although he may say it over and over again to us as long as we respond to him. His favorite phrase is "such a pretty bird" or "such a bird!!!", but his most meaningful, and demanding, request, is "wanna go bye-bye?” “Bye-byes” consist of walks or travels in the car, with Mango carried safely in his travel-cage. Bandit, our rescue budgie from Mickaboo, learned every word and song from Mango's repertoire within the first month that their cages were housed together.