Juicy the Rescued Amazon

by Vicki Ronchette

Mickaboo calls itself a “rescue” organization.  There are few instances which illustrate the word more dramatically than the rescue of a bird lost in the outdoors.

Mickaboo volunteers originally learned of a stray parrot from a Craigslist post.  On January 27, 2010 Mickaboo volunteers Scott Shipley and Jennifer Sommers made their first attempts to capture the bird, a Red-Lored Amazon.  They used an extra long ladder supplied by the home owners who had posted the Craigslist ad.  Although Scott was able to get within six feet of the bird on the first attempt, they could not catch her.  Several attempts were made to catch her over the next nine days, but none succeeded.

    Net used to catch Juicy


Finally, on February 5, 2010, Juicy (named for all the oranges she had been eating while living as a stray) was rescued by Scott, Jennifer, Maria Couragee, and Katie Slider.  They constructed a large net atop three extra long tree poles, surrounded the tree Juicy was in and raised the net higher than where she was.  The bird got scared and flew right into the net.  The rescuers were surprised that Juicy did not put up much of a fight.  She didn't scream or thrash, even when she got her wings clipped - and allowed head scritches!

After the capture Juicy was taken to Wildwood Veterinary Hospital for an examination and labwork.   Despite what she went through she is surprisingly healthy.   The vet recommended monitoring, but no treatment.

Juicy is banded.  Mickaboo volunteers have repeatedly checked lost bird lists and she has not been reported lost.  Juicy is now safe and sound in a permanent home.  Her new owner reports that she is a real sweety.