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Featured Volunteer: Peggy Hartlein

By The Editor

Peggy Hartlein has been volunteering with Mickaboo for years in a variety of roles. Let's hear from her about her experience. View in a new window

September Adoptions!

By The Editor

The Bay Area Pet Fair, sponsored by Pet Food Express, was a September-long celebration, bringing together pet lovers and the animal rescue community to encourage adoption. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue participated, resulting in 20 adoptions! Here are some of the faces of those lucky birds. View in a new window

Adoption Success Story: Cloud the Budgie

By Sasha Mayton, Adoptor

I found Mickaboo when I was walking around the park and happened upon an adoption fair at the nearby Davis library. Having a budgie back at home, we decided to see what it was about. We got to meet all of the amazing volunteers and some of the birds that were up for adoption. I came to love birds growing up because they are such amazing and unique animals! I have a particularly soft spot for budgies thanks to owning one myself, and after hearing about the need for fosters I decided to become a foster parent. Even though I’m open to other apartment-friendly species there just seems to be so many budgies! I’ve never met a budgie with the same personality as another - maybe similar but they always have such unique quirks! They are so entertaining to watch, and I love being able to interact with the ones whose trust I’ve earned. View in a new window

Nibbles, October 2022

From The Editor

Happy 25th Anniversary!

This year marks Mickaboo's 25th year of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing companion birds large and small. Over that time, hundreds of volunteers have taken in more than 5,000 birds in need, and Mickaboo fledged a sister organization to help pigeons and doves. Join us during our virtual holiday party December 3-4 to reminisce! View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hey, I`m Bennington! They call me Bouncy Bennington because I like to bounce up and down excitedly like I`m dancing. I`m buddies with Ellsworth these days - we share a cage and we like it that way, so we`re going to stay together. If you`d like to give me a home that`d be lovely, and you`d be taking Ellsworth too as we are a package item now!   Read More...