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Aviary Rescue - Update

By Sarah Lemarie and The Editor

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue has begun a large-scale rescue.

The property owned by a recently-deceased bird owner has been sold, and relatives have told us the birds in the property's aviary will be "let loose" if we don't take them in. The relatives told us there were about 50 birds. There are a lot more! The 30+ budgies, 30+ finches, and assorted others deserve a better fate than being released into a world where they will likely become food for predators. View in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Amy Randall Yee

By The Editor

Amy Randall Yee is one of our newer volunteers, and she's already experienced many roles: budgie specialist, foster parent, virtual adoption fair presenter, and more. It is Mickaboo's honor to recognize her many achievements by naming her this quarter's Featured Volunteer. Let's make her acquaintenance. View in a new window

A Rescue Story: Ruth and Jonah

By The Editor

This is the story of two rescued budgies, Ruth and Jonah, whose stay in our rescue flock began inauspiciously. These two budgies were rescued by the Sonoma County shelter from a severely ill person who could no longer care for herself or her birds. These two were the only members of their small flock to survive, the others having literally starved to death. We assume their plucked condition was due at least partly from extreme stress and near-starvation. One of our volunteers picked them up from the county shelter and brought them to a Mickaboo foster parent. View in a new window

A Rescue Story: Wonder the Green Cheek Conure

By Delayna Jane Myers

In May 2020, Wonder was sick and not eating, so his guardian took him to the vet. There he was left because of the size of his vet bills, and surrendered to Mickaboo. He has since settled nicely into our rescue flock while he continues to receive treatment. His temperament goes from way too cuddly to very "spicy" - typical green cheek behavior! View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi, My name is Jojo and I`m a 26 year old Congo African Grey. My person is leaving the country and can`t take me with her. So, here I am in a nice Mickaboo foster home. I`ve already started talking in my foster home. I can say "hello" in a man`s voice. You have to hear it for yourself......very cool. I'll update you all after I settle in and get comfortable here. I`m looking forward to the next exciting chapter of my life. Maybe with you?   Read More...