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A New Life for Baby: Helping Birds Recover After Owner Loss

 By Sarah Lemarie

(Editor’s note: This article was written by the volunteer who led this Mickaboo rescue.)
Back in March of this year, Mickaboo was contacted by an elderly lady who had two birds she wanted to rehome. I offered to visit her and meet the birds to learn more about them so we could begin to help. View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteers: Chloe Redon & John Graziano

 By Shauna Hill

In this newsletter I want to introduce you to a couple of awesome volunteers, Chloe Redon and John Graziano, who started by helping with the technology side of Mickaboo, and ended up helping with the sick/injured members of the wild conure flocks of San Francisco, made famous by the book and movie “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”. They have really helped Mickaboo expand its website, and their work with the wild conures has helped many of these magnificent birds. They also created and delivered advanced education classes to help our volunteers care for the many birds under Mickaboo’s wing. View PDF in a new window

In Your Words

By The Editor

Mickaboo was recently recognized as a Top-Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits – an award we have received for several consecutive years. This award is based on feedback from you, our volunteers, donors, and recipients of our services (generally, bird adopter). Here we share a few of your stories, illustrating some of what your support of Mickaboo, a wholly volunteer-run organization, allows us to do. View PDF in a new window

Upcoming Events

By Pamela A. Lee

Mickaboo has several events intended to involve its supporters in our common cause of helping our beautiful and intelligent feathered friends. Save these dates on your calendar: View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By the Editor

Hello I`m the new girl in town. My name is Angel. I`m about 35 years old and lived with my dad since I was a baby. Sadly he recently passed away. Angel is very sweet but has hormonal issues. She receives hormonal implants every other month as well as shot of Lupron as needed. The hormones are imperative to her well being. An experienced avian vet will be needed to check on her regularly. Update from Angel`s foster mom- What can I say about Angel except that she lives up to her name! Angel is 100% Goffin cockatoo. Read More...