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Bad Love

 By Jamie Cackler Bennetts

This is a serious article about a serious issue affecting some of our feathered friends. The wrong kind of affection can become a life-threatening problem, and even more commonly a behavior problem that ruins many a bird/parront relationship. The most common bad end involves the bird screaming and biting its way into surrender, but sometimes the end is a messy and painful death. View PDF in new window

How Safe is Your Air?

 By Louisa Jaskulski, RVT

I plunged into the wild and wonderful world of air cleaners because I was boarding and fostering a lot of birds, besides having my own birds. I knew the health status of my own birds, of course, and I typically knew the health of boarding birds because Wildwood Veterinary Hospital clients owned them, and I would not board a bird unless it had had a recent exam plus a Chlamydia test. If the birds were sick, I knew that beforehand, and could make provisions for proper quarantine and care. View PDF in a new window

Save the Date - Mickaboo Holiday Party

 By Pamela A.Lee

Mickaboo's Annual Holiday Party and FUNraiser is our favorite event - a place and time to celebrate past successes and set the stage for our future! This year's event will feature the usual great food, drink, and offerings of donated items. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Sandy Rizzetto

 By Shauna Hill

Since Mickaboo was founded, hundreds of birds have joined the flock, and some of these have been “special needs” birds, meaning challenged by injuries, illness, or congenital problems. These birds are often overlooked for adoption and can be difficult to find foster homes for as they may require some extra care, and a special cage set-up. These special birds can go on to have very happy, fulfilling lives. Our featured volunteer, Sandy Rizzetto, shares the rewards of providing a home to these beautiful birds. View PDF in a new window

Meet Max and Freddie: One Success Story, and One in the Making

 By Lucy Macmillan

One of the greatest aspects about adopting animals is the sense of satisfaction you feel when you give a surrendered animal a safe place to call home. Double that sense of satisfaction when you give a new bird a home AND give another bird that has lost his or her feathered companion a new friend! Mickaboo’s volunteers work towards these kinds of goals in finding forever homes for over 450 birds now in our foster care. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

I’m Baby, a 41-year-old yellow nape Amazon who came to Mickaboo in July 2016. I had lived my whole happy life with a wonderful, loving mom, ever since I was a 4-month-old chick. My mom, now 87, was seriously ailing and we had to say our goodbyes. Read More...