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Fostering a BIG bird

 By Melissa Lovett

Editor’s note: This is the story of a volunteer foster parent who ventured beyond her comfort zone and took on the challenge of a (much) larger bird than she normally handles – to the benefit of both parties. View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteer: Matt Linton

 By Shauna Hill

For this newsletter’s featured volunteer we wanted to go behind the scenes to one of our tech experts who keep us online and up to date. He is Matt Linton and as you will hear he keeps our databases running and updated. Our many volunteers - not to mention our birds, equipment and other important data - would be impossible to keep organized if it were not for folks like Matt. He fields our pleas for help and gives generously of his time and effort to help when there are problems. Take a few minutes and get to know this VIP here at Mickaboo! View PDF in a new window

Save the Dates - GlobalGiving Matching Donation Event, Mickaboo Holiday Party

 By Pamela A. Lee

Two exciting events are coming soon! GlobalGiving is hosting a donation matching event in mid-October! Mickaboo’s Holiday Party comes in early December! Mark your calendars to participate in these events and help Mickaboo’s foster birds View PDF in a new window

Nora, the Resilient Cockatiel on a Mission

 By Lucy Macmillan

Nora is a humble 12-year old female grey cockatiel with an understated mission in life – to survive squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that can affect birds and humans. In birds, this type of cancer usually appears on the wing tips, toes, and around the beak and eyes and may occur if a bird has been exposed to high levels of sunlight. As with people, this type of cancer usually can be treated if diagnosed in the early stages. For birds, the most successful treatment for skin cancer is often surgery to remove the malignant cells. View PDF in a new window

Adopting Clementine

 By Xavier Heydt, guest author

It’s only been about a week since I first welcomed Clementine, a young rescued King Pigeon, into my home, but she (we think she’s female, time will tell) has already become so much a part of my life that I can’t imagine her not being a part of it. Clem was pulled by Elizabeth Young (the ever-diligent founding director of MickaCoo) from San Francisco Animal Care and Control (where she had been taken after being found wandering aimlessly around San Francisco’s Hunters Point). Only four weeks old, Clementine had most likely been purchased at a live-meat market and “set free” by well-meaning but sadly uninformed people who were not aware of how totally unsuited to “wild life” King Pigeons (or indeed any domesticated animal) are. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Hi, we are Max and Psycho. Aren’t we adorable? We are two very lively, quiet and fun birds. We have good appetites. Some favorite foods are watermelon, peas, dried corn, bananas, red peppers, carrots and we love our Zupreme pellets and Nutri- berries. Read More.......