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Featured Volunteer: Kelly Schrimsher

 By Shauna Hill

In this newsletter we feature a volunteer who oversees a very important aspect of our website, the Lost and Found section. She is Kelly Schrimsher and through her tireless work there have been many happy reunions between lost companion birds and their appreciative human companions. Let's take some time and get to know the wonderful lady who manages those endless lost and found postings. View PDF in new window

Tori the Congo African Grey

 By Melissa Ruggieri

Rescuing a parrot can be both rewarding and heartbreaking. Sometimes it is a bunch of both. Torie was a young female Congo African Grey. She was friendly, playful, and liked being cuddled. Being trusted and loved by one of these creatures is a precious treasure. Unfortunately she was also very ill. This story is the account of how she came to Mickaboo and the dedication and care put into saving her life. View PDF in a new window

For the Love of Grace

 By Leslie Grant-Walraven

Because of compassion, people involved in animal rescue often step out to support different types of animals than they normally work with in a specific rescue organization. And thank goodness they do. There is a mutual respect between people who care about animal welfare. Some of our Mickaboo volunteers have been involved with foster parenting of children, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, and turtles, among others. Sometimes, rescue organizations band together for joint fund-raisers or educational opportunities. What these Good Samaritans share in common is the heart for humane and loving treatment of animals – human compassion. View PDF in a new window

Boomer the Buttless Wonder

 By Scott Shipley, Macaw Co-Coordinator

Boomer came to my attention back in late September 2012. I received an email from my friend and former Mickaboo volunteer Darcy Howard about a macaw in a bad situation. Darcy is a paramedic for a local ambulance service who had educated her paramedic partners about parrots. During an emergency call one of Darcy's partners noticed a large cage with a big bird in it. Since he was busy providing care to the lady, he was not able to get a closer look, but what he did see just didn't look right. Later he asked the family about the bird and put them in contact with Darcy. She discovered that the bird was a Greenwing Macaw named Boomer. The family had been trying to re-home Boomer for some time, but no one wanted him. From the short conversation she had with them, Darcy quickly realized something was wrong with the macaw. She told the family about Mickaboo and offered to put them in contact with us. View PDF in a new window

Save the Dates!

 By Pamela A. Lee

Two exciting events are coming soon! GlobalGiving is hosting a donation matching event in mid-October! Mickaboo’s Holiday Party comes in early December! Mark your calendars to participate in these events and help Mickaboo’s foster birds. View PDF in a new window

The Story of SUPER Dovee

 By Guest Author Elizabeth Young, Founding Executive Director of MickaCoo

In 2009, I received an email seeking help. It said, “I’m trying to find a loving home for Dovee, a white pigeon I have in my bathtub in Pacifica, CA.” And that is how the story of Cheryl and SUPER Dovee began. View PDF in a new window

Innovative Ways to Help Mickaboo

 By Pamela A. Lee

Want to help Mickaboo financially – and lacking the ready cash to do so? Some corporate partners donate a portion of their profits with Mickaboo if our supporters use certain programs. Read on for details on these programs, and how you can join them.View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Hello! My name is Bentley, just like the elegant car and, I am beautiful and classic! I've been up and down, and down and out, and traveled many a highway and byway before I found myself in Mickaboo land. You know Her Majesty the Queen has a Bentley! Why shouldn't you? Read More.......