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Bird Intake Moratorium LIFTED

By The Editor

We are very glad to announce that Mickaboo has lifted its general moratorium on intake. Our financial and human resources continue to be stretched thin, but, thanks to our many supporters around the world and our army of kind-hearted and tireless volunteers, we are once more able to take in companion birds that need our help.   Read More

Save the Date - Holiday Party and FUNraiser

By Pamela A. Lee

Mickaboo's Annual Holiday Party and FUNraiser is our favorite event - a place and time to celebrate past successes and set the stage for our future! This year's event will feature the usual great food, drink, and offerings of donated items (including a weekend stay in Mendocino!).  UNusually, this year’s party is partially sponsored by a Pepsi “Refresh Everything” grant – and we’ll have an (optional) costume contest!

Have fun, do your holiday shopping, and meet Mickaboo volunteers and leadership – all while helping your favorite bird rescue group!   Read More

So, Just What is a “Companion Bird?”

By Vincent J. Hrovat

Since both of the organization’s co-founders were cockatiel owners, Mickaboo was founded in 1996 with the name Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue. Within a few years the organization had quickly expanded its volunteer base, capacity and scope.    Read More

Buy or Sell a Home, Support Mickaboo – At Zero Cost

By Greg Baumann, My Broker Donates


Who do you know that is thinking about buying or selling a home?

Now there's a way for that sale to generate a big donation for Mickaboo – at no cost to you.

  Read More

Bit by Bit: Connecting People for Animal Rescue

By Matt Linton

"Does anyone know....?”  Three little words with BIG impact!   When I began volunteering for Mickaboo in 2005, the most commonly uttered phrase on our email list for coordinators was "Does anyone know."  Often followed by "Where this bird is" or "Who this person is" or "Whether this person took the class".   Read More

Gentle Kings Need Help to Escape Cruel Fate

By Elizabeth Young

There is an epic but almost invisible drama at work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every week, unbeknown to most, local animal shelters get in a couple of beautiful, smart, all-white birds called king pigeons. Most arrive as babies, only four weeks old, and they are usually weak and hurt. The few survivors that make it to the shelters have beat astronomical odds and yet they face euthanasia as their likely fate, unless they are rescued and adopted.   Read More

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Oh, hi! My name is Charlie and I'm the new kid around here. My old mom didn't know what I needed to be happy, so I ended up with Mickaboo and so far it's pretty good!

I was really scared at first, but have settled in nicely at my new foster home. I really like people and want to be around you all the time. Whenever my foster mom leaves my room, I call after her so that she will come back and talk to me some more. I am also a huge fan of forehead kisses, but I still have a few bad memories of hands.   Read More