Those AAA Ringnecks!

by Chloe Redon

A few newsletters back Alex was featured in a story on gnarly Amazons, calling for adoptive homes for these birds. The great news is that only 3 months later, all six of the Amazons were adopted. But since Alex was not, we thought we'd revisit this very special bird. You see, Alex is special in that she has been with Mickaboo longer than any bird currently being fostered.

Alex would be happiest in a home with both an experienced bird person and as an only bird. That type of home is not so easy to find... apparently. But Alex believes that someday, an experienced bird person, who currently has no birds, will give her a chance to be the "one-and-only."

Asia Ringneck

Oddly, the bird who has been fostered with Mickaboo the second longest is also a Ringneck, Asia. Asia is a lovely bright yellow Ringneck who has a bonded buddy, the beautiful green Sidney. These beauties came to Mickaboo from an aviary, and so are a bit shy of humans. But even birds who do not want close interaction with their humans can be delightful members of the family. Ask any parent of finches or perhaps canaries.

And what is it about Ringnecks with names beginning with “A”! One more Ringneck story is worth mentioning--Agni. Agni was adopted a year ago. And here is her most interesting story:

Ringnecks Agni and Boingo

Mickaboo discovered that someone interested in adopting from us had a Ringneck and was planning to set him free (because he does not talk human words) so that he could go join the San Francisco Wild Conure flock. Since release into the wild would have been almost surely fatal for the bird, Mickaboo convinced them to surrender the bird, Agni,  to Mickaboo. The next day, Agni  had already been replaced by a store-bought, talking African Grey while Agni, the Ringneck, was moved to a shoe box without any food or water.

Well, this little “non-talking” Ringneck turned out to be an absolute sweetheart and, according to his new foster parent, quite handsome and with a notably longer tail than other Ringnecks. Agni loves to entertain his human audience with song and dance

A year ago, Agni was adopted to a wonderful home in Southern California where he has a sweet little friend, Boingo. And, guess what, he has already started speaking human words and showing his new buddy how to play with toys.

Wouldn’t it be great if someday soon, Alex and Asia (and Sydney) could have a forever home story like Agni’s to share with us! If you are interested in helping these foster birds, contact