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Summer 2019 Update from the Telegraph Hill Conure Team

By Sarah Lemarie

Those of you who joined us for the 2018 Mickaboo holiday celebration might remember the update we gave there -- the San Francisco Telegraph Hill Conure team talked about a rise each year in health issues the team has seen. We promised ‘more to come on this soon’. We are very proud to share that in March 2019, a study we supported was finally published in the academic online journal PLOS ONE. View PDF in a new window

Summer Safety

By Shauna Hill

Kids are out of school, and family vacations are coming. Time to get out and enjoy the outdoors - but let’s take a moment to think about helping our feathered friends enjoy this time of the year safely. View PDF in a new window

A Weekend in the Life of a Volunteer

By Sarah Lemarie

Mickaboo, as an all-volunteer organization, runs on the passion and dedication of individuals who selflessly take time out of their busy lives to help our special birds. Even so, there are moments that stand out. Here is a peek at one volunteer’s memorable weekend. View PDF in a new window

Artwork for the Birds

By Rachel Leung

I have a passion for drawing, and I especially enjoy drawing birds and other animals. Around a year ago, I picked up a laptop and began digital drawing on the touchpad, which I found that I loved and greatly enjoyed! I now draw digitally on a tablet, and share my art on @birbify on Instagram. View PDF in a new window

Shining Examples

Guest article from Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions by Alicia Montanez

I’ve always loved birds. There’s such a sense of freedom about them. For birds, the sky isn’t the limit, the sky is the norm. Every time I pick up a pencil or a pen or a paintbrush, I always draw wings. View PDF in a new window

Upcoming Events

By Pamela A. Lee

Mickaboo has several upcoming events, allowing its supporters to join us in helping our beautiful and intelligent feathered friends. Save these dates on your calendar. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

By the Editor

Mariah is very colorful 16 year old lady macaw. She is a Catalina macaw, which means she`s a hybrid between a blue and gold and a scarlet macaw. Mariah has had a wonderful life with the same family. She was very well cared for and very loved. Read More...