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All About Mickaboo’s Special Needs Birds

 By Lucy Macmillan

“Fostering special needs birds is an absolutely critical part of what Mickaboo does. While most of our birds are pretty normal, some birds come to us with injuries or physical damage that will remain for the rest of their lives”. - Michelle Yesney, Mickaboo’s Chief Executive Officer, on the importance of caring for special needs birds as part of Mickaboo’s mission. View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteer: Diane Wilson

 By Lucy Macmillan

One of Mickaboo’s strengths is the people behind the scenes who help all of the companion birds needing safe homes. These volunteers are what make Mickaboo work, each contributing in their unique way. Diane Wilson is a volunteer who has been integral in helping our birds and those who adopt them by teaching our Basic Bird Care (BBC) class. Her dedication and commitment to Mickaboo and its birds showed through the conversations I’ve had with her. View PDF in a new window

Bird - Shelter Ambassador Finds a Home!

 By Shauna Hill

Life for an animal living in a shelter can be scary and uncertain. Some fortunate enough to land in a no-kill shelter can languish there for years without ever having a loving home of their own. This is the story of one amazon parrot who spent seven years at the East Bay Animal Shelter and how she found a home. View PDF in a new window

Cher Ami: The Pigeon Who Saved 200 Men

 By Guest Author Julia Gneckow, Palomacy Volunteer

Pigeons are completely devoted to their families and most have an extraordinary ability to ‘home’ back to them, a trait we’ve utilized all over the world for thou- sands of years. Pigeons relayed the results of the first Olympic Games and the Associated Press used pi- geons to rush breaking news dispatches. They are still being used in military conflicts and one of the most amazing stories is that of Cher Ami. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Bishop here! The first thing that you should know about me is that I'm best friends with Tommy the cockatiel, who I met in foster care. This means that Tommy and I get to stay together forever, so we are a package deal! Read More.......