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Setting Boundaries with Companion Parrots

Or “Homey Don’t Play That”, and Finding What Works for Both of You

By Louisa Jaskulski. RVT

It is no fun to live with birds you are afraid of, who consistently rattle your brains with endless screaming, or who chew up your house. Parrots are wild animals, headstrong, highly intelligent and emotional - the very qualities that can make them fabulous companions can also create challenges. View PDF in new window

Mickaboo Featured Volunteers: Darlene & Bobby Tracy

By Shauna Hill

When people first start adopting/fostering/volunteering with Mickaboo, we always hope the other household members support the decision. This newsletter features a mother-and-son dynamic duo that have taken that a step further and have been working side by side to support Mickaboo.   Read More

Mickaboo Lifts Intake Moratorium

By Michelle Yesney and Pamela A. Lee

The Board of Directors has agreed to lift the moratorium on intake of new birds. This is occurring because of a wonderful outpouring of financial support from all of our supporters. Donations came in very quickly, allowing us to pay our bills and establish a small buffer that will permit us to continue to operate.

Mickaboo had had to impose a temporary moratorium on incoming birds due to an unexpected increase in expenses. Read More

Proper Lighting to Support Avian Vision

The Importance of Avian Lighting

By John Graziano and Chloe Redon

Birds may be the most visually-oriented animals in nature. They have one of the most sophisticated visual systems, the largest eyes of any animal (relative to body size) and the highest proportion of brain power devoted to vision. They have often been described as "a pair of eyes with wings".   Read More

Chi Chi, The Little Bird That Could

By Jennifer Donnelly

Chi Chi came into my life when his previous owners left him at the Sacramento Animal Shelter complaining that he was aggressive, loud, and a biter. They didn’t paint a very pretty picture for me, but I trusted the Mickaboo coordinator with whom I had talked and agreed to foster this little ‘Angry Bird’. Read More

What to Do if You Find a Pigeon in Trouble

By Guest Author Elizabeth Young, Founder and Executive Director of MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Though MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue’s mission is to save the lives of domestic (unreleasable) birds that would otherwise be killed in shelters by providing vet care and homes, we are frequently contacted by Good Samaritans who have found a feral pigeon (Rock Pigeon, “city pigeon”) in need of help and, because help for a pigeon can be hard to find, we always do our best to help counsel the caller on the options. Read More

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi, Dewey and Sansome here!

I'm Dewey and I'm going to tell you our story. We are both cherryheaded conures from the famous Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill flock! I am a very young baby. I can't even remember my early days, but I am told that a hawk or something attacked my nest and that it fell onto the ground where I was found ... the only baby alive.    Read More.......