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Macaw Love Puts ‘Umph’ in Scott’s Triumph

By Vaishali Kirpekar

Scott Shipley has been patiently working with a foster macaw for the past two years and has made great strides. Scott Shipley, age 47, former Air Force medic, macaw coordinator, husband, and father of a 24-year-old is also a foster dad to King, a Scarlet Macaw. Read More  

Help Mickaboo Win a Grant! And Other No-Cost Ways to Help!

By Pamela A Lee

Vote Logos Or Clip Art

Mickaboo is IN the July voting cycle for a $5,000 grant from Pepsi!  Please support us by voting daily during the entire month of July – vote (after a one-time registration process) at to vote once, and text 107138 to "Pepsi" (73774) to vote again – two votes a day! Read More  

Considering a “Starter Bird”?

By Jonathan Harris


          Can you tell the starter bird?

You see the phrase everywhere—pet magazines, big box pet stores, on-line ads: “great starter bird.” Budgies and cockatiels especially are described as good starter birds or starter parrots. In fact, smaller birds often are marketed as starter PETS—fairly inexpensive, easily cared for in a small space ... Read More

RIO: A Rescuer’s Movie Review

By Susan Zizumbo

I had been highly anticipating seeing this movie as was my five-year-old daughter who has been raised with a macaw as well as other various types of birds.

The movie begins with various species of birds singing together in the rainforest. The star of the movie, "Blu" emerges from a tree hollow rather than a nest (kudos to the producers for keeping it real). Blu ends up being captured by poachers and gets smuggled to Minnesota.   Read More

MickaCoo & SF SPCA Partner for a Summer of Animal Love

By Elizabeth Young

MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue depends on the support of many people and organizations to save the lives of birds that would otherwise be euthanized in shelters too full to keep them and too under-resourced to place them.   Read More

Birdie Muffins

Including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and formulated pellets into a fun ‘treat’.

By Tanya Renner

Ellie the plumheaded parakeet (Psittacula cyanocephala) enjoying a Birdie Muffin for her ninth hatchday on April 10, 2011.


You are what you eat!

In the wild, the majority of a parrot’s diet is plant-based. Budgerigars and cockatiels consume a diet based on grains or seeds and are therefore called granivores. Macaws feed primarily on fruits and are considered frugivores.   Read More

Oiled Wildlife

By Dr.Bing Dilts, San Francisco Animal Care and Control


(Editor’s Note: Mickaboo’s mission focuses on the care of companion birds.  That said, we know many of our newsletter readers care about their wild cousins and feel compelled to help when a local oil spill occurs.  This article speaks to how oiled wildlife can be assisted.)   Read More

2012 Calendar Contest News

By Pamela Lee

We received few entries in response to our request for 2012 Calendar Contest photos.  We will accordingly forego the calendar contest voting, and announce later this year when the 2012 Mickaboo calendar is ready for purchase!

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

What's up? I'm JJ, and I'm a handsome 34 year old Blue & Gold macaw. I lived with a great family my entire life until recently. I'm more of a mama's boy, even though I was really bonded to my first dad. I've been around other birds (I had an Amazon buddy for a long time) as well as dog and cats, but I'm finding that I prefer things calmer and quieter. Too much activity gets me a bit agitated. I love to sit on my playstand and look out the window, and I rarely climb down.   Read More