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From the CEO: 2021 Annual Report

By Michelle Yesney

Greetings to all of you In Mickaboo’s “sphere of interest”. I hope you and your flocks (human and avian) are all doing well. Last year it felt as though I was yelling at the world from the bottom of a well. I could see a tiny bit of sky in the distance, but it seemed as though my voice was traveling a great distance through a scary void to reach you. We’ve come a long way together since then, and I want to congratulate all of the amazing, hardworking, incredible volunteers who continue to do all the work that is needed to rescue birds in northern California. View in a new window

Recognizing our 2021 24th Annual Holiday Party & Funraiser Donors

By The Editor

The Board of Directors, volunteers, and 300+ foster birds thank you for your in-kind support of our 24th Annual Holiday fundraiser! Whether you gave a little or a lot to our online auction, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes. Your commitment to the birds at Mickaboo is much appreciated! View in a new window

Volunteer of the Year: Robin Pugh

By The Editor

Robin Pugh was just named Mickaboo's 2021 "Volunteer of the Year". She coordinates our Conure and Eclectus teams, leads our Home Visit volunteer team, takes turns as host for our Virtual Adoption Fairs, co-managed the recent implementation of e-sign processes - and more. We sat down to chat with Robin about her Mickaboo experiences. View in a new window

Curing the COVID Blues with a Blue-Fronted Amazon (and Friend!)

By Tania Duncan

When my husband and I were married in 1995, it became “his birds, my birds, and our birds” – as well as his aquariums, my dogs, our miniature horses. Through the years our flock evolved, and in 2019 our last African grey passed. After about a year, I told John that I still missed Sheba’s whistles and vocalizations. Come to find out, he missed our greys as well – perhaps that’s why her clean but empty cage still stood in its spot a year later. Further discussion led us to decide that it would be fun to try an Amazon – or two – since we had housed two greys together happily for several years. View in a new window

Rescue Takes No Holidays

By The Editor

The holidays are when we bustle about to create the time and space to relax with family and friends. Our volunteers do all of that for themselves - with an extra set of activities to help our feathered friends in need. Consider a sampling of what's happened so far in December. View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi, my name is Edy and that`s pronounced E.D. I am a Congo African Grey and I`m about 20 years old. My family felt I wasn`t happy and wanted to find a new home for me where I can thrive. So, now I`m in a nice Mickaboo foster home and doing very well.   Read More...