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A Blue Mickaboo Miracle

 By Nicol Sanchez

Meet Blue! He is an English/American Hybrid Parakeet, and one of Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue’s special success stories. Blue came to us at Mickaboo in critical condition – handed to one of our volunteers in a paper bag, he was fluffed up and unable to move. He was rushed to the Medical Center For Birds (“MCFB”) for emergency medical treatment. As an English Budgie he should weigh 40-60 grams; at only 25 grams he was literally feathers and bones. The vet told us this was the worst case of Avian Gastric Yeast (“AGY”) they had ever seen and his outcome was questionable at best. View PDF in new window

Annual Holiday Fundraiser Donor Thank You

 By Pamela Lee

Mickaboo’s Annual Holiday Party and Funraiser is our most important fundraiser of the year. The Board of Directors, volunteers, and our 400+ foster birds thank the following individuals and companies for supporting us by donating goods and services. Whether you gave a little or a lot, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes. View PDF in a new window

Chacco, the Gallant Rose Breasted Cockatoo

 By Lucy Macmillan

When I first saw the photograph of Chacco, a rose-breasted cockatoo, on the Mickaboo volunteer message board, I was disturbed by the grim image of the poor bird slumped over in a hospital cage. He was being cared for at For the Birds, an avian vet clinic in San Jose, and was seen sleeping with a hospital collar over his head to prevent plucking of a healing wound in his chest. He also had a fabric sling placed around his body to secure an injured left wing. The image was heart breaking. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteers: Jeff Kondo and Sarah Lemarié

 By Shauna Hill

Mickaboo was once again asked to help bring a parrot out of the cold. Fancy, a beautiful military macaw, had been coming to a kind couple’s front yard looking for food. They wanted to help Fancy but not having experience with a big macaw they contacted Mickaboo for assistance. Two volunteers, Jeff Kondo and Sarah Lemarié, went into action, leading a successful rescue effort. They were kind enough to take some time and let me interview them. View PDF in a new window

MickaCoo's New Name

 By Elizabeth Young

In 2007, when I met a beautiful, tame, smart and very trusting King pigeon named Gurumina at the San Francisco animal shelter who needed help to get out alive, I reached out to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue and asked if they would help me help her. Mickaboo said yes and Gurumina found her home. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Karma came to Mickaboo under dire circumstances and with a large sarcoma of the tongue that was impacting her breathing and ability to eat. Her prognosis was grim and it was determined she probably did not have much time left to enjoy her life. Here we are seven months later and Karma is thriving in her foster home. Read More.......