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Adoption Success Story: Gigi the African Grey

By Jeff Hammel, Adopter

It was still the height of COVID shelter in place when I decided to get a parrot. The one pet I had had as an adult, an adorable cat named Lilly, had died several years ago, and while I was happy to share my wife's Corgi, Charlie, I wanted a pet of my own. View in a new window

Adoption Success Story: Skipper the conure

By The Editor, with contributions from Robin Pugh, Conure Species Coordinator

This is the story of Skipper, a Nanday conure, and his journey from his surrender to now.

Skipper was the beloved companion of a man for fifteen years. One day this man received unexpected news about his health and was given a few weeks to put his affairs in order. Skipper was given to the man’s friend for caretaking, with instructions to find him a good home. The man passed away shortly afterwards. View in a new window

Luca: Before and After

By Robin Pugh, Conure Species Coordinator

Luca was a stray half-moon conure who a good samaritan found while he was being attacked by a cat. He looked truly awful, with a ton of cuts, puncture wounds, and missing feathers, and he was seriously underweight. (Luca's "before" picture is at the right.) Cat saliva is extremely dangerous to birds, so he was given medical treatment immediately. Even after physical recovery, he was an extremely skittish bird, and it seemed unlikely he had any positive interactions with humans before. View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi! My name is Bernie and I`m one of those cockatiels who is totally sweet on the inside, but I feel like I need to bluff my way through the big, bad world sometimes. My foster mom says "Bernie can step up, but he really doesn`t like to. He bluffs and hisses when I stick my hand in his cage, but he also contact calls incessantly when I walk out of the room. He wants to be friends, but he`s just a little bit of a drama queen about having his own space in the relationship!"   Read More...