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Mickaboo Rescues 177 Finches

By the Pleasant Hill Finch Rescue Team

"We rescued HOW many finches?" That was the reaction when we counted the birds involved in Mickaboo's largest rescue effort ever - 177 finches from an aviary in Pleasant Hill. View in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Megan Cowdell

By The Editor

Megan Cowdell has volunteered with Mickaboo since the pandemic began, sharing her expertise and skills to pivot our in-person events to virtual experiences. She recently joined one of our significant rescues. Let's meet Megan and hear why she's excited to volunteer with Mickaboo. View in a new window

Angel Sponsorship Update - Elvis

By Delayna Myers

Elvis has been in Mickaboo's care for a few years. He was surrendered to Mickaboo because of an infected eye. He now lives with his foster mom, Susie, receiving excellent care and the love that he needs. He continues to have issues with his eye, but a recent (Nov 2021) visit to an animal eye specialist revealed he was suffering from an old and severe eye trauma best treated with anti-inflammatory drops. He was also determined to have only 30% vision in that eye. View in a new window

Mom Won’t Take No for an Answer

By Logan McLaughlin, Mickaboo adopter

[Editor's Note: This adoption success story was written by a Mickaboo adopter to celebrate why they adopted from Mickaboo and their adoption experience. Enjoy! ]
Our story is pretty funny. Well, depending on how you see it. If you are anything like my dad, who “swears” he doesn’t like the family pets but is actually their number #1 fan, then you’d be amazed by how my mom was able to convince him to get more family members. And if you are anything like my mom, who won't take no for an answer and is obsessed with helping animals in need, then you’d understand why our house sounds like the Amazon Rainforest. View in a new window

Bird of the Month

By The Editor

Hi everyone, I`m Ruby and you can see how I got my name! I`m a gorgeous greenwing macaw with a strong preference for men. I`m in my early 20s. Unfortunately my last person passed away last year so now I`m back with Mickaboo looking for a new home.   Read More...