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Mickaboo’s Coronavirus Response

From Mickaboo’s Leadership

At Mickaboo, we are keenly aware of the potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are modifying processes and informing our volunteers to ensure we can operate as safely and effectively as possible, as we navigate through the uncertainty of the outbreak. We also want to help the Mickaboo community safely support each other throughout this challenging period to ensure their continued good health and that of their birds. View PDF in a new window

Access to Veterinarians During Pandemic

By Michelle Yesney

Mickaboo's usual veterinary clinics have all confirmed they are available to treat sick or injured birds. Veterinarians are considered “essential businesses” during the shelter-in-place. (If you need to take a Mickaboo foster bird to a vet, our process is the same - contact Mickaboo to obtain authorization - and in a critical emergency, just go!) View PDF in a new window


By Melanie Burt-Schipke

See this story of the tragedy that took the lives of a father and his daughter during their Hawaii visit. Mark Hornor was my cousin and Mina was his daughter. After they died, Mina’s sister Elsa was given Mina’s pet bird, Evo the cockatiel, as a way to work through the grieving process. Many months later, their mom Jess decided she wanted to move the girls (two sisters survived) to Hawaii, her home state, where she had her immediate family’s support system. The family could not take Evo to Hawaii so they asked if I would take him, as they only felt good about giving away the pet bird if a family member would take him. Of course, I said yes. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer – Renee Lierly

By Shauna Hill

The final member of the Mickaboo Home Visit team is Renee Lierly. This completes our spotlight on the team that keeps our home visits moving. The home visit is an important part of the Mickaboo adoption qualification process. Let’s get to know Renee a little better. View PDF in a new window

Birds of the Month

By the Editor

Hi, we are Bosworth and Brannan. We are a pair of cherryhead conures from the San Francisco Telegraph Hill flock. We both came in to Mickaboo as sick babies.   Read More...