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Virulent Newcastle Disease Alert

By The Editor

A case of a highly infectious and lethal avian disease, Virulent Newcastle Disease(VND, recently appeared in Northern California. This disease is generally found in poultry, especially chickens, but can be contracted and spread by parrots and other pet birds. Because of the uncertainty of the extent of the disease, everyone should exercise the greatest care and caution about moving ANY pet birds or poultry from one place to another. View PDF in a new window

In Memoriam: Walt Boeninger

By Martha Kudlacik

Last March, our dear friend Walter Boeninger passed away, leaving behind his wife, Janet, and warm feelings of respect and appreciation that we at Mickaboo would like to share in his honor. Walt came to his love of birds early, as many people do, getting a budgie when he was young. After he and Janet were married, they inherited Captain the cockatiel from a friend who was moving away. Captain had a great life with them for 29 years! View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Carolyn DeBuse

By Shauna Hill

An important part of Mickaboo's outreach efforts is participation at local community events where folks can learn more about Mickaboo, meet some of our volunteers, and see some of the birds available for adoption. It takes a lot of planning, organizing, and work to pull off these events but it's a way to meet people who might otherwise never hear of us. Many have found their next feathered friend after attending one of these events. This newsletter features one of our volunteers who works tirelessly to have Mickaboo represented at some awesome events in Davis, CA. Let’s meet Carolyn DeBuse and see what she has been working on. View PDF in a new window

Alberta has a Forever Home

By Karen Watkins

Alberta is a 44-year-old yellow naped amazon that arrived at Mickaboo about three years ago. Her person took her to the vet and Alberta was put on medication for her arthritis. She was surrendered because her caretaker worked hours that didn’t allow her to give Alberta the attention required. View PDF in a new window

Pearl’s Story

By Cynthia Bardouka, Guest Author and Palomacy volunteer

My name is Cynthia and I am a volunteer for Palomacy, a small nonprofit project that saves the lives of at-risk domestic pigeons and doves, educates the public, and finds homes for rescued birds 365 days a year. This is the story of a little girl, a little bird, and how our family got involved with this extraordinary organization. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

By the Editor

Hi! I'm Sweeney, and I'm a Senegal parrot. I came to Mickaboo when my previous human caretaker passed away and left me alone in the world. The people at Mickaboo say that it's taken a little bit of time to figure me out, but I'll do my best to explain myself here for the rest of you humans. Read More...