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Featured Volunteer: Renee Lierly

 By Shauna Hill

In this newsletter I want to introduce one of our newer species coordinators – Renee Lierly is our new Caique coordinator. She has been huge help and jumped right in to help out when there was a need. In her comments below, she gives us good reminders about how we can include our feathered family members in our daily routine and adventures safely with the use of flight suits, harnesses, and travel backpacks/cages. View PDF in new window

Rescue of the Mountain View Five

 By Martha Kudlacik

When his beloved cockatiel Whitley flew off, Christopher Hynes found himself on his way to becoming a bird hero. The Mountain View resident was diligently searching for his bird in the neighborhood last September, posting on the local Nextdoor site to let people know to contact him if Whitley was seen. A woman living nearby told him she had an aviary, and would keep an eye out in case Whitley was attracted to the birds she had outside. Intrigued by the idea of an aviary for his own home, Chris went to take a look. View PDF in a new window

From Pet Fair to Adoption: Our Palomacy Story

Guest Post by Stephanie DeMartile

It all started with a pet fair. One day I took my kids to a pet fair with no intentions of getting another pet. We looked around at the dogs and cats and then we saw THE BIRDS!!! We walked up and started talking to the volunteers, petting the pigeons and doves, and simultaneously, falling in love. Elizabeth was so full of knowledge. I went home determined to have those birds! View PDF in a new window

Calendar Photos Wanted

By the Editor

Mickaboo is soliciting pictures of its foster birds and alumni to feature in Mickaboo's 2019 calendar! We need thirteen pictures, all of different bird types. Here is how you can submit your picture to be considered. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By the Editor

Hi, my name is Pebbles and I`m a five year old Congo African Grey. My owners were working long hours and couldn`t spend much time with me. Now I`m in a nice Mickaboo foster home where I`ll get more attention. I`m still settling in and getting used to my new digs. Please contact my adoption coordinator if you would like to learn more about me, Pebbles! Read More...