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Cody and Flower - A Plea for a Home

 By Muneeba Sami

Our readers may have read stories of birds and people finding each other through Mickaboo. What our readers may not know is that often our birds end up finding other birdy companions through Mickaboo too! (After all, we are called Mickaboo COMPANION Bird Rescue!) Birds will often meet other birds at their parront’s home and form lifelong bonds. View PDF in new window

Adoption Fair – Publicity Help Wanted!

 By Pamela Lee

Have contacts at a South Bay television or radio station? Want to help our birds find forever homes? Mickaboo needs YOU! We are planning a South Bay adoption fair for this summer. We have seen the right TV and radio publicity make a real difference in public interest and attendance. This is where YOU come in! Optimally, you have TV/radio contacts, can introduce us to them, and help ensure the TV/radio folk receive what they need on a timely basis. Whether you can do it all, or just a piece of that task, we would appreciate hearing from you. View PDF in a new window

Featured Volunteer: Priya Tuvell

 By Shauna Hill

We have many volunteers who work outside of Mickaboo to help animals in need. In this newsletter I wanted to highlight one of these awesome folks who not only volunteers with Mickaboo but is also pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Please enjoy this interview with Priya Tuvell. View PDF in a new window

You Say You Want a “Cuddly” Bird?

 By Michelle Yesney

An important part of Mickaboo's purpose is to be sure that both bird and adopter are happy together - that all of our birds find a forever home that will ensure their long-term life and health. Sometimes potential adopters tell us they hope to find a "social and cuddly" bird. View PDF in a new window

Lois and Alice

 By Guest Writer, Palomacy Adopter Lynn Eaton

I have never been a bird person. Period. When I was a newlywed a hundred years ago, my then husband brought home a Quaker parrot. It was a love/hate relationship that lasted about two months before I insisted it be brought back to where it came from. Never understood how anyone could have these flighty, pecky, noisy, messy, and destructive little creatures in their homes. And I'm talking about birds, not men. Although ... View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Helloooo! I`m a spirited blue front amazon who talks a little and whistles a lot. I step up nicely and love to have company. Toys are okay but my social life is the center of my world. Talk to me, whistle to me and let me sing with you. Let`s make music together! Read More...