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Caring for Your Elderly Bird

 By Lucy Macmillan

How many old birds do you see in the wild or remember seeing as a child? Personally, I don’t remember seeing any except old chickens at the local farm. Generally we don’t see older wild animals, including birds, as older animals likely become prey of other animals or they lose their ability to compete with younger birds for food and cover and therefore naturally perish. View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteer: Martha Kudlacik

 By Lucy Macmillan

Martha Kudlacik is one of Mickaboo’s volunteer Cockatiel Coordinators and our featured volunteer for Spring 2015. She exudes great joy about volunteering with Mickaboo and the Mickaboo family is delighted and honored to have her! View PDF in a new window

Fancy - The Macaw that Came Down from the Tree

 By Shauna Hill, with photography by Jeff Kondo, Scott Shipley, and Susan Zuniga

It is always a joy to share stories of companion birds rescued from the outside world because generally, when a pet bird finds themself outside of its familiar home, the outcome is not good. If s/he does not find food, water, and shelter quickly, the odds of survival are significantly reduced. Threats include predators like hawks, dogs, cats, and people who see lost birds as nothing more than objects to sell to anyone for the money. This is a story with a happy ending because complete strangers who cared came together in a flash to help this lost bird. View PDF in a new window

Urgent Pigeon Rescue

 By Guest Author Elizabeth Young

It was 5:15 and I had just finished up a presentation about pigeons to a youth group at the Marin Humane Society. I checked my email before heading to my next appointment (a care consult for a self-rescuing pigeon named Snezhok) and read this... View PDF in a new window

Calendar Photos Wanted

 By The Editor

Mickaboo is soliciting pictures of its foster birds and alumni to feature in Mickaboo's 2016 calendar! We need thirteen pictures, all of different bird types. Here is how you can submit your picture to be considered. View PDF in a new window

Use Amazon Smile and ResQwalk to Help Mickaboo's Birds

 By The Editor

Aside from attending our events and volunteering with us, there are many other ways you can help us help our birds – and some of these ways may surprise you. Learn about these other ways – most at no cost to you - to boost Mickaboo’s efforts here. View PDF in a new window

Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Oh! Well, hello there! My name's Maggie and I was taken in from a shelter, so not much is known about my past. I had some emotional baggage when I first came into Mickaboo, and was plucking my feathers a lot. But they've all grown back and I've been to the bird doctor, and they said I was stronger than a walnut shell! Read More.......