April 2014 Newsletter

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Spring has Sprung!

 By Robert Allen

It’s spring and the birds and the bees are doing their thing; looking for mates and trying to reproduce. For those of us who are caretakers of captive birds this presents certain challenges. In this article we will take a high level pass of things to watch out for, based on my own experience with my birds.

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How to Prevent Escapes and What to Do If Your Bird Gets Out!

 By Lucy MacMillan

It is one of a bird-owner’s worst nightmares. You leave home for vacation or work and leave your feathered friend in the care of others, expecting she’ll be safe, maybe even happy for the change of pace. But something goes terribly wrong and she escapes from the house. Or maybe you’re just working at home and someone answers the door and for that brief moment you forget there’s a crafty bird in the room and she inadvertently “escapes” into the outdoors. What to do? Is this happening?

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Figgy, the Green Crow

By Shauna Hill

Imagine this scene: in the sky you see a majestic amazon parrot flying overhead. Its beautiful iridescent green body and wings with vibrant shades of red, blue and yellow shine in the sunlight. The call of that parrot is loud and vibrates through you as it’s intended to cover large areas so that the flock can keep in contact with each other. It can be a breathtaking sight!

But wait…this is an urban city, not a very good neighborhood, and definitely not a forest that would be this bird’s native habitat.

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Major Health Issues and Your Pets

 By Shauna Hill

Any one of us can find ourselves dealing with a major health crisis. The doctor may tell you to get rid of your pets for various health reasons. Family and friends, with good intentions, may also encourage you to relieve yourself of the burden of caring for your pets so you can focus on your own health. What can be done? I wanted to share the experiences of two of Mickaboo’s volunteers, Kathie Taylor and Sherry Helms.

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Why I Take Care of 27 Pigeons

 By Guest Author Linda Press Wulf, MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue Foster Volunteer

I was never very interested in birds. I love dogs, I dream of galloping on my own horse, I bonded with my future husband over rabbits, we have fostered kittens. But birds don’t have names, or personalities, or lovability. So I thought.

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Spring Fling! And Other News

 By Pamela Lee

Save the date for Mickaboo’s Spring Fling 2014 – a casual daytime get-together for bird-lovers and those who would enjoy meeting many of the Mickaboo volunteers. To learn more and sign up...

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Bird of the Month

 By The Editor

Cookie here. I'm a six year old Blue headed Pionus who recently arrived. Pionus is a species found between Mexico and South America. We like to eat fruit, and need to avoid fatty foods.I'm a pretty cool bird, and so far I've shown guys that I really enjoy getting my head scratched, and like to try all types of new foods. I'll get back to you once I've settled in and provided more details about my personality. 

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