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The Great Cockatoo Capture

By Patricia Blau

Most companion birds who are released into the outdoors don’t survive – they simply do not have the survival skills to live and protect themselves without their human family.  This story describes one of the more literal and successful rescues on which our volunteers have embarked. On the 8th of February, 2011, a plea for help went out to Mickaboo volunteers to rescue a “cockatiel” loose in the back yard of a Sacramento resident.   Read More

Aspergillosis: A Respiratory Fungal Disease in Companion Parrots

By Authors in Order of Written Contribution:
Tanya Renner (Introduction to Aspergillosis and Ellie’s story);
Chloe Redon & John Graziano (Eddie’s story and photograph);
Sherri Ness (Chance’s story);
Ailsa Barrett (Greenbean’s story);
Elizabeth Young (Charlie’s story)


Often called ‘asper’, Aspergillosis is a non-contagious but infectious fungal disease caused by a variety of Aspergillus species found in our homes and outdoors. Like the mushrooms often found on our pizzas, Aspergillus produce spores. Animals such as our companion parrots inhale these spores on a daily basis.   Read More

Building an Aviary for Rescued King Pigeons

By Elizabeth Young

King pigeons are big, gorgeous, snow white, gentle birds that mate for life and coo softly to each other. They are bred for meat (squab) and most are killed as babies at the age of 4 weeks (to be tender, like veal) but a few escape or are set "free".   Read More

Your Poicephalus and You

Story and pictures by Vincent J. Hrovat

Parrots of the genus Poicephalus have quite a reputation as outstanding companion birds in the pet industry. The Senegal and Meyers parrots, in particular, are considered fairly easy, low-maintenance birds who are quiet enough to be suitable for apartment living. Some of the terms commonly used to describe these birds in aviculture include "sociable," "mischievous," "cuddly" and "fun-loving," and they are frequently categorized as great family birds. Some people who've surrendered their Poicephalus to Mickaboo over the years have used decidedly different words to describe their birds  Read More

2012 Calendar Contest Entries Wanted!

By Pamela Lee

The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion is having a contest to determine which birds to feature in Mickaboo's 2012 calendar! We need twelve pictures - and for 2012, we'll be using themes to illustrate each of the months!

Each month in the calendar will be themed around the events which usually occur then. Here are a few examples for inspiration:   Read More

Something to Crow About

By Martha Kudlacik
Free Copyright Picture of Red Rooster Bird

With the recent green movement, there has been a surge in backyard farming. And it's not just tomatoes and green beans - many people are opening their homesteads to hens of all types and enjoying fresh-laid eggs at a cost that's, well, chicken feed.   Read More

Online Avian Supply Shopping Options

By Amanda Samford

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Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, Polyoma, and Psittacosis are three reasons why parrot owners are becoming more conscious about purchasing their bird supplies and toys from stores that don’t house birds.   Read More

Win RIO Movie Tickets!

By Pamela Lee

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue and 20th Century Fox invite you to enter to win tickets for special advance screenings of RIO in San Francisco and Sacramento!  Ten lucky winners in each city will be awarded two guaranteed seats - twenty winners in total!  The screenings will occur on Thursday, April 14, starting at 7 pm.    Read More

Global Giving Challenge

By Pamela Lee

Mickaboo is participating in a donation challenge, and needs your help.

Mickaboo wants to raise $4,000 from at least 50 new-to-Mickaboo donors during the month of April through its Global Giving site.......   Read More

Bird of the Month - Pogo

By The Editor

Hi, I was told to mind my manners, so I'm just sitting here being good. Most of the time I like to zip around at top speed, playing with toys and enjoying myself. I had a dreadful sickness that caused me to get very mad at my toes, so I bit them off. Now it's a little harder to balance on the perches, so my foster mom put these nice platforms in with me, and they are very comfy.   Read More