Bird Toon of the Day - May 15, 2015

Today's toon is Mutts from July 2, 2011.  I have several "sets" of strips that ran as story arcs which I want to include but wonder what is preferable ... run them one at a time over consecutive days (as I did back around post #6) or run them one below the other in a single post (giving you all of them at once but using up my archive stock a little sooner).  Your comments are welcomed.

Matching Gift Event - May 13, 2015 - Final Status

YOUR collective generosity has resulted in $7,050 in donations, with an additional $1,826 in matching funds - enough to pay for about half a month's vet bills!  All of our volunteers - and certainly our birds - thank you!

If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 7, consider joining our Annual Spring Fling - an informal lunch and meet-and-greet for all of our supporters.  We'd love to see you!