Bird ID: 453
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Green
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Currently in Foster Care
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In case Guacamole`s story is not clear, she has always picked one person in her home to be her person. She has typically chosen adult men. In a single person home she is great with a female adult person. A multiple adult only home would probably be ok. Would not recommend a home with children.

Update 11/12/13:
Hi everyone! Today is a very special date because of the consecutive numbers, so I thought it would be a good day to send you a little update on how my life is going and remind you that I`m still in the Mickaboo system and looking for my forever-home. Click here for more cute photos.

Here are some new videos of me:

See Guacamole`s head scritches video

See Guacamole`s pre-bed preening routine

I`m not a fan of stepping up, and I may never be, but I`m a major shoulder surfer. I always want to be riding on my foster mom. Sometimes she backs up to my cage or sometimes I fly over to her. I just wanted to be preened and loved and I could really blossom with someone who has time for me.

I`m quite a bit bigger than a Green Cheek, which makes sense since I am not a Green Cheek. But I`ve paid my dues and earned the right for a family. Please call the Conure Coordinator and ask for Guacamole. She`ll know who I am!!

Original Story:
Hi, all! I am Spinach aka Guacamole. I go by Guacamole with my friends. I have a long history with Mickaboo and would really like to find my one special person. When I first came in I tricked everyone into thinking I was a baby from the flock of Cherry Heads in San Francisco, but I am actually a Green Conure (Aratinga holochlora). I have a few flecks of orange on one side of my head and a few flecks of red on the other side...makes me unique.

I really like to find one person to dote on and am not sure that I would like to share them. Maybe if you were willing to work with me and take it slow you could show me that having two people to dote on would actually be in my my favor. After all that would mean more people to give me skritches!! I love having someone to help me work out all of those gnarly pin feathers I get on my head, it feels so good! When you do it right I will fluff up my head, close my eyes and contently sigh.

From my picture you see that I am very cute :) I also take the cutest baths. I got my foster mom to record me so I can share my cuteness with all of you. You should be able to hear my lovely voice on my videos. My noises are not traditional conure noises, some people think I sound like a chicken or that I have hiccups...whatever, it is just another thing to make me unique!

Another thing I really like to do is trick train. I know boring doing homework...but I actually think it is fun to learn new tricks. My repertoire isn`t huge but maybe you can help me add on to my list.

If you think we could be each others` forever family, please contact the conure coordinator! (link at beginning of page).